Ghost Party

You live, you die, you move on – that's how it's supposed to go. But when an unlucky subset of the dead have been reliving the same ill-fated party over and over for decades, it's up to you to try find a way to change their fates.

In Ghost Party, you thought you were interviewing for a janitorial position, but soon you found yourself exploring a mysterious gala of lost souls and interacting with its diverse inhabitants. You met the ghosts, discovered their dark pasts, and found ways to set them free.

The action in Ghost Party is structured as six loops, and as the sound designer, I utilized QLab's scripting to build a cue list that mirrored that. I coded in a global counter, and had the cue list set to automatically jump back to the beginning of the "loop" section and increment the counter once the action came to an end.

Images from the production:

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