Edwin Booth Award - Mimi Lien

This project was definitely the most unusual of all the sites I've built so far.

The Edwin Booth Award is a recognition of theatrical excellence, presented by the CUNY Graduate Center in New York City.
Normally, there's a ceremony to present the award to the recipient, but due to COVID-19, that was unable to happen this year. Instead, the board had the idea to create an online experience to highlight the artist's work.

I worked alongside the artist (Mimi Lien), as well as a couple Booth Award board members to build a unique experience that encapsulated both Mimi's work, and had a timeless feel.

Building this project, I learned a good bit about CSS border-image and asset optimization (there are a lot of videos for one page)!

Booth Award - Home
A low-fi landing page, with a simple typing animation to add some flair.
Booth Award - Mimi Lien
A unique take on a single-page website. The design embraces the timeless, analog ASCII aesthetic, and the whole experience is organized as different "rooms" of a ground plan, rather than pages.

Built with Webflow, and hosted on Netlify.

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